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Las Vegas Poker Rentals

Las Vegas is an exciting place. Visitors come from all over the world to experience this one-of-a-kind city. There are many places in the world where you can gamble. But none comes close to Las Vegas. Nowhere else in the world can you find such a diverse offering of excitement and entertainment in one place. But along with all of these wonderful things to do, there is a crowd of people going right along with you. Most experienced visitors discover that a better option is to rent a Las Vegas vacation home.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Having your own vacation rental near all this excitement gives you the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds. Not only are you just moments from everything Las Vegas has to offer, you're also able to escape all the crowds at any moment you want, and return to your own private retreat, away from all the noise. No sharing the pool with screaming kids, unless they're your own. No waiting in line for dinner and no having group meetings sitting on the bed. You'll have an entire home right in the middle of Paradise.

Featured Las Vegas Vacation Home Rentals

Finding Good Houses for WSOP

wsop rentalsIt's that time of year again when poker players start thinking about where to stay during the Las Vegas World Series of Poker. For many people who are not familiar with the tournament, it might come as a surprise that players would be booking so far in advance. But any experienced WSOP participant can tell you, if you are planning to be at the tournament for any reasonable period of time, you're going to want to book a vacation home rental instead of a hotel room. And just a little bit of thought makes that clear.  Who wants to stay in a hotel for six weeks? Even if the Rio is a nice place!

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Las Vegas Concierge Services

Las Vegas concierge servicesWhen it comes to Las Vegas, one thing that's for sure is that there are endless ways to spend money and, presumably, enjoy one's visit to a maximum degree. This includes gambling of course, and also the myriad of ways you might not think about. The fact is that nowhere in the entire world is as much brought to one place dedicated to nothing except fun. Well, some business happens too. From time to time, or so we have heard, This brings inevitable problem of what to do with your time and how to book everything at the best price.

Many times when visitors are faced with the task of selecting everything and making reservations for it all, they want an alternative that can make the process easier. One that would be to able dedicate the time to doing all of these things and setting them up in a way that makes sense. This is the perfect situation to call a concierge who can take care of everything for you.

Unlike us, a Las Vegas concierge service knows how to get everything done with ease. They have  the expertise and the experience to advise us and direct us to the best possible choices. This is very helpful in busy cities like ours. The combination of short term travel and many options to consider, a knowledgable concierge can really help to make the process an easy one.

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Las Vegas Event Hosting

copa-room4-250Imagine hosting in Las Vegas event space so unique and memorable that your guests will want to duplicate it for themselves. They will arrive to a wonderful and private location and will feel invited to something really special. Your event will be the one the stands out!

copa-room3-400Situated in the beautiful Piazza Plaza, directly on Las Vegas Blvd, this great event space offers every advantage a host needs. Limo access, great parking, no neighbors to bother, professional kitchen, full bar, upscale furnishings, and plenty of mingle and lounge space for up to 300 people.

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Beware The World Series of Poker

Sample image For those who are not aware, every year The World Series of Poker, or WSOP as it is known, fills nearly every mid term rental in town, creating a nightmare for business travelers looking for homes and condos.

Beware Of Fraudulent By-Owner Rental Scams

These days business travelers should be working only with a reputable company for corporate housing. It is best to avoid rental by-owner homes and web classified advertisements to stay away from potentials problems. The all out proliferation of foreclosures and common ripoff schemes are all happening because of a very difficult economy and few prospects for change any time soon.

This valuable article on vacation rental scams is provided to us by Las Vegas Retreats.We recommend taking a look at the typical scams outlined here in order to be better informed about what is going on. Using this information, hopefully you can stay away from any troubles and have the best chance of a great experience.

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Las Vegas Extended Stay Lodging for Business

Corporate housing and extended stay lodging

Corporate housing and vacation travel, especially in challenging times like these, means that shopping for travel bargains is the norm. Housing for business travel is still necessary though, because it's difficult to maintain connections to customers and industry without being part of the action. And let's face it, Las Vegas is definitely the convention capitol of the world. The action is happening right here in Sin City, even right now.

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