Las Vegas Concierge Services

Most major casinos and hotels in Las Vegas will offer concierge service for their hotel guests. During their stay they are invited to take advantage of concierge services for everything from dinner reservations and show tickets. This saves the guests the time and effort and helps make the most of available time. Your time. So why not take advantage of  the concierge? They seldom charge for services except for the cost of whatever they are securing for you..

One issue is if you are trying for something beyond what the hotel concierge is prepared to deliver. What if perhaps you needed something not offered by the hotel and beyond their control. This is one drawback of working with the hotel. They're trained steer you to what the hotel profits from. Yes they will sometimes recommend off property stuff, but they'll want to push their stuff first. After all that is the wsy they can stay in business.

One way to get unbiased assistance is by working with independent Las Vegas concierge services. By working with independent companies you give yourself a good chance of getting fairer recommendations. An independent company isn't usually working with specific tour vendors or limo companies. They are usually representing everything Vegas has to offer so they will have the best chances of getting business from you. An all inclusive service like this is useful for visitors who like lodging in vacation home rentals instead of hotels. These guests are not staying in hotels so they don't cannot access the hotel concierge service. An independent concierge can provide similar services to vacation renters as the hotels give theirs guests.

The concierge service we recommend is Las Vegas Concierges. They have been serving the vacation home and corporate housing visitors to Las Vegas for many years. We suggest you call them for your next visit and get the most for your time and money. They will can handle your stay and anything you need, as well as arrange for anything that might come up unexpectedly. They're experts with group travel as well as business travel. And  you're a Las Vegas convention or expo exhibitor, they will even help with any convention or expo needs you run into. Las Vegas Concierges can be reached via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via telephone at 702 944-9388.